no periods even though she was 18 yrs old by dr. p.naram

dr on checking said that the girl does not have uterus, no ovary.

so what was done that finally the reports said…”presence of uterus and ovary”

what can be done…

1)first step is the marma

on right hand, at the middle of the hand (between the wrist and the elbow, almost at the 8 finger distance from t he wrist)…press and ask qusetions and make her answer….positive things.


if your period is painful, irregular, late cycle or no cycle

in such cases please no sour food.

so try the following marma:

on left hand, just 2 finger distance from your wrist, directly under the little finger… 6*6 times.

also try the following:

1sp cow ghee (clarified butter) + 1/4 sp cardamom powder …take it in empty stomach in the morning.

this also helps in reproductive system related problems….but keep taking it regularly to see the result.


Pepal powdef ½ sp

Lodra  ½

Gurwel satwa  ¼

Pawal pisti  ¼

Ashok chhal  1 sp

Rasna ½

Add 1 sp of ghee

Mix all and take 3 times day with 1 spoon of ghee.

This helps to increase uterus size and helps it function properly.

Helps in period cramps, irregularity, delayed period.



advised vandana to take the following as she did not have periods though she was 18 yrs old.

1 sp fennel seed powder

aajwain 1 sp

dill seed 1 sp

gur 1 sp

garlic 1 clove

mix and take in empty stomach in the morning and drink warm water with it to help swallow.



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