cough cold throat infection in children specially under 7 by dr s. naram

in case of cold and cough and allergies, follow the following

no wheat (gluten), no milk product (lactose)….sometimes chicken and fish is allowed

try for 6 months.

take the following home-remedy…it is antihistamin…boosts the immune system


1/2 sp ginger juice

1/4 sp garlic juice

1 sp fresh turmeric juice (or 1/4 sp dry powder)

1 pinch black pepper

1 sp tulsi juice (basil)

2 sp honey to be mixed with it

1/2 sp adulsa powder (vasica leaves)…….boost the immunity

this is natural cough syrup.

give 1 sp for 3 times a day for few months.

if severe cold cough, then try to give for even 6 times a day.

for adults take 2 sp for 3 times a day.


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